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2009-12-23 03:47 pm
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RNG shiny offer takers

Logging who wants what, so I don't mess everything up. *_* Each user will be listed with their pokemon, and when it's ready, I'll add a note.

General Note: My time is GMT + 1:00, a.k.a. CET, a.k.a. Naples, Italy.

[personal profile] nightmareink wants Lapras, named Mist. I'm keeping it! If you come back and decide you still want a Lapras, I'll be happy to make you a different one.

[community profile] shiny_pokemon, [community profile] pokemon.

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2009-12-21 08:03 pm


These are lists of words. I use them for Pokemon names. These lists are loooooong, so they're all individually cut.

Stars )

Constellations )

Moons )

Our Solar System )

Patricia McKillip )

King Arthur )

Neon Genesis Evangelion baddies )

Provincial Flowers )

Trees )

Spices )

Vegetables & Fruit )

Herbs )

Colours )

Drinks! )

Precious & Semi-Precious Gems )

Italian Place Names )

Star Trek Characters )

A Song of Ice and Fire Characters )
Song Titles )
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2009-08-10 08:19 pm
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Who would I ask to join Dreamwidth? I hate almost everyone I know, and talk to them IRL a lot, anyway.

Camel Toe!

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2009-06-12 05:47 pm
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I like my name. That is all.